Howard Wolowitz

Howard is a Jewish aerospace engineer at Caltech’s Department of Applied Physics who often hangs out at Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper’s apartment where he is best friends with Rajesh Koothrappali. He was born in 1981 as specified in season one’s episode ”The Pancake Batter Anomaly”.

Howard sports a bowl-style haircut and tends to wear loud, vintage, 1960-era outfits, a V-neck or tee shirt over a turtleneck or dickey which sport a variety of pins, and always has skinny pants. He is also fond of unusual belt buckles, which have included a Nintendo controller, a silver Batman logo, a 45 RPM record insert, a Klingon communicator, and a buckle containing the superhero the Flash. Like his friends, Howard is a big fan of comic books and superheroes. It is also quite clear that his current and preferred personal transportation is via his Vespa motor scooter.

Besides English, Howard is fluent in French, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, and Persian and the constructed language Klingon from the Star Trek franchise.

Howard fancies himself a ”ladies’ man” and he provides outrageous pick-up lines whenever there is a female present. Howard describes himself as a romantic, although he usually comes across as overtly sexual and, in the words of Penny, disgusting. However, Penny’s animosity toward Howard has mellowed somewhat since Howard began dating Penny’s work colleague Bernadette, to whom he is now engaged.

Howard, much like Penny, dislikes many of Sheldon’s antics, but he has grown accustomed to them. One time, Penny asked Howard why he and Raj became friends with Sheldon, he simply replied ”We liked Leonard”.